Fairfield is registered to provide 43 care beds for male or females over the age of 45 years.

The home can support individuals who require nursing care and social needs.

Each resident has a personal centred care plan that also looks at the holistic need to the persons daily living, this includes a structured management plan for meeting their primary needs.

Model of care

The homes dedicated staff team are experienced and trained to work with the registered group of its residents this includes:

  • Residential -We are experienced in caring for people with mild dementia, mobility problems, incontinence and other age-related difficulties.
  • EMI Residence – We are able to provide support for people with mild dementia, mobility problems, incontinence and other age-related difficulties. Each resident care would be overseen by a senior carer and the senior would administer any required medication. The home also ensures a strong relationship with the DN to provide the nursing needs if required.
  • Nursing & clinical need – Each care plan is individual needs and we can support a varying need this model of general nursing such as primary medical needs, COPD, Parkinson’s, Peg fed, tractotomy, stoke patients, insulin controlled, early stage dementia and palliative care with help from a suitably trained and dedicated professional team
  • End of life – Our clinical team are able to offer a tailored service that takes into account the end of life pathway and will work alongside outside agency’s such as Mari Curer in order to provide a peaceful service with a staff team that have received training in end of life support. The home will also ensure that visitors have full access to their loved ones at such a difficult time. The rooms in which the resident’s will access have appropriate seating for visitors and a quiet area of the home in which the rooms environment can be altered to the persons wishes and needs.
  • Bariatric care – We are able to support residents that require bariatric care. This includes a dedicated bedroom in which the room has been adapted for heavier people. The room has large doors that lead out into the garden to ensure that the resident has fully access to the homes activity’s and integration.
  • Outreach – The home can offer on an interim basis an outreach service in which residents that are placed under an interim care bed can receive support to be able to transition back home. Residents that are placed under the ICB can be waiting for a suitable home package of care to commence so the home staff that have supported them over the period in the home will be able to support the transition with a daily visit to the person and work alongside the agency that will be supporting to ensure the persons needs are fullfed and rehabilitated.